MARFA - Chicago-based Kruger Gallery announces the opening of their second location, Kruger Gallery Marfa, located at 212 E San Antonio Street in Marfa, Texas. The Gallery will open on Friday, October 9, 2015 during Chinati Weekend’s “Made in Marfa" event from 5 - 10 pm.

According to Mikelle Kruger, the gallery’s owner, “The Marfa location focuses on the more non-commercial practices of art like installation, video, sound and performance.” The gallery’s director, Erin Gilbert, also hopes to offer an annual artist residency beginning sometime in...

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CHICAGO – Up, carcass, and march!, a solo exhibition of new work by Chicago artist Katie Kahn, will be on view at Kruger Gallery Chicago, 3709 N. Southport Avenue, from September 11 – October 24, 2015.

Using ballpoint pen, correction fluid and tape, gouache, and gel pen, Kahn draws into the printed images and texts of New York Times double-spread pages. Generally finished over an extended period of time, the resulting works, steeped in social, political, and personal content, explore the connections between the formal and improvisational processes of...

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Text by Elizabeth Stamp  Photography courtesy of Garza Marfa

July 23, 2015


Texan design duo Jamey Garza and Constance Holt-Garza have brought their highly coveted furnishings line, Garza Marfa, to the Windy City for a show at Kruger...

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Photo Credit Rob Howard.  Jamey Garza and Constance Holt Garza.


CHICAGO - Husband and wife design team Jamey Garza and Constance Holt-Garza of Marfa, Texas, present Garza Marfa, an exhibition of design featuring furniture and textiles, which will be on view at Kruger Gallery Chicago, located at 3709 N Southport Ave., from July 17 – August 29, 2015. 

As seen in last year’s color issue of Martha Stewart Living, Garza Marfa’s furniture line of chairs, tables, cots, day beds, stools, coffee tables, benches and platform beds juxtapose powder coated...

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"To those first feelings that were born with me."

RECOMMENDED Emily Dickinson’s 1862 letter to T.W. Higginson serves as a catalyst for the solo exhibition, “[My Business is Circumference]” at Kruger Gallery Chicago. Featuring the works of Venezuelan artist Jeffly Gabriela Molina, the exhibition introduces themes of character and literature, which support Molina’s ongoing exploration of selfhood. Dickinson, both aggressive and mysterious in her correspondence to Higginson, is the core foundation for Molina’s investigation of plural identity and the many manifestations of personality.

In the piece “To those first feelings that were...

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"In A Place Between Reverie and Irreverence," 2015.  Oil and Pencil on Linen, 58" x 58"

Kruger Gallery Chicago in Lakeview will be presenting the works of Venezuelan artist, Jeffly Gabriela Molina, through June 27 in the solo exhibition, [My Business Is Circumference]. Molina's intimate paintings use domestic spaces to convey a conversation between the familiar and the surreal. Like Eva Hesse, who created grid-based abstractions on paper--a reaction to the male-dominated structures in minimalism in the 1960s--Molina's pieces convey a conversation of seriality and the woman's narrative. 

Influenced by English female writers--specifically Emily Dickinson's letters to T.W...

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he raw and distorted figures call for the observer’s undivided attention. This is the kind of impression Luis Sahagun’s “Escombros” exhibit is making. The Spanish word “escombros” means “debris,” but this title only begins to describe what his art exemplifies.

Hailing from Ford Heights, formerly known as East Chicago Heights, Sahagun grew up knowing how to make do with his surroundings. At the trailer park where he lived, he and his friends were left to their own devices and imaginations. They would find scrap wood, pieces of metal and plastics, and put them together using his dad’s...

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No Need to Assert Thyself Loudly, 2015, Oil on Linen, 32" x 32"
CHICAGO – [My Business is Circumference], a solo exhibition of new paintings by Chicago-based Venezuelan artist Jeffly Gabriela Molina, will be on view at Kruger Gallery Chicago, 3709 N Southport Avenue, from May 15 – June 27, 2015.
Molina employs trompe-l’oeil to develop fanciful perspectives, architectural passages, and curious environments as she conceptually considers the plurality of female identity. Specifically, she reflects on both, Venezuelan and US cultures to question notions of womaness, and to further understand not the complexities of interpersonal...
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Imprints of a Broken Lover


Appropriately titled “Escombros” or “rubble,” what Luis Sahagun’s new show at Kruger Gallery lacks in formal elegance, it effectively delivers in expressive force. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, this Chicago-based artist conjures a remarkable variety of sculptural form from the damaged and discarded. Wood, metal, plaster, concrete and copious amounts of cardboard are fused into ungainly objects that suggest their origin as urban detritus while obliquely pointing to Sahagun’s experiences as an undocumented immigrant.

“A Disfigured Desire with an Intimate Blow” is a...

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